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Traditional enterprises must make up the "Internet" this lesson

The trajectory of the times has changed, how to lead enterprises to achieve the development path of the switch and the development model to upgrade, so smooth customs embrace the future, which is a common topic of entrepreneurs today. This is also the history to give us the special responsibility and mission.

We need a profound understanding of the situation, the need for accurate grasp of the direction. Need to be highly sensitive to change, the need for timely adjustment of the strategy. As an entrepreneur in change, I think first must be thinkers, prophets and activists. We must put the advanced thinking into the industry, the formation of a profound industry insight, in order to lead our business to break out. The new era of entrepreneurs need a special ability, the so-called human machine business is people understand and control the machine, let the machine to expand our hands, feet and thinking, for my use, for the production and operation of business capacity.

The so - called Internet thinking, eco - circle of value creation model. Platform-based enterprise organization, sharing the economy, large data and artificial intelligence development and application, is it based on the innovation of human machine manufacturers. Is a profound understanding of technology, the unique discovery of demand and the genius of the rules of the game reengineering, is really from zero to one innovation.

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