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Traditional export industry to upgrade ideas need to change

On April 20, at the "20.17 billion state industrial e-commerce summit", the founder of the caravan ERP Zhang Jie published a "traditional export industry to upgrade ideas have changed," the public speech, he pointed out that cross-border electricity business is still Blue Ocean, horse help ERP will help sellers better docking eBay, Amazon and other platforms, Nuggets export cross-border market.

Zhang Jie, the industry known as the caravan "Bangzhu". China Internet first generation network operators, engaged in cross-border electricity industry 16 years, witnessed the development of China's e-commerce. He began to start a university, management of more than three hundred business team, the number of orders shipped more than 50,000 single. The circle of people are jokingly said he is Ma Yun son, because more than a decade ago Ma started in Taobao, saw a group of sellers, Zhang Jie and Ma Yun a picture spread to the Internet, the media has been misunderstood this is Ma Yun son The

In 2010, Zhang Jie from the stove, founded the first cross-border industry, ERP management software horsepower ERP. Caravan ERP and the global business platform seamless docking, to help cross-border electrician sellers to achieve one-stop, cross-platform, multi-store management, more committed to creating efficient management methods and solutions. As the industry benchmarking enterprises, the horse for more than 80,000 small and medium cross-border sellers to provide a professional, quality service, won the praise of many users.

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